Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st....1st Blog!

Hey everyone! Following the suit of some friends (and after a failed blog attempt of my own) I have decided this would be a perfect way to keep everyone up on what is going on with Jim and I. First of all, I can hardly believe it is already March, but what a way to start it! The weather today is absolutely beautiful. I can hardly wait to get home because we just decided last night to start taking walks together in the evenings and I couldn't think of a better night to kick it off! We also plan on grilling out so we can soak up this weather before it gets cold again this weekend (maybe even snow...ick). Crazy Iowa weather!

Just a basic update for those who may or may not know. Jim is currently a franchise accountant with Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies here in West Des Moines. He seems to like it ok. I know he gets frustrated when he can't get everything figured out perfectly on the various write ups he does for his batch of stores but I know he will get it down. Something new to learn everyday I suppose. He also still loves building things, he spent this last Saturday working on a DVD holder that spins and holds far more DVD's than we own but at least we will have room to grow! It isn't quite done yet but it is looking very nice!

I am working at Newsham Genetics doing data entry...not exactly my cup of tea but it is a solid steady job right now. I did, however, get my application turned in, in full, yesterday for graduate school. It is for the Journalism and Mass Communication program at Iowa State. I am trying not to get my hopes up because I don't know if I will get in since my undergrad degree is in political science and art, and I don't have any direct experience in that field, but I am really hoping I do get in! I also still work part time at the photo lab at HyVee. As soon as my old apartment rents (which, according to my landlord, it might have!!) I think I will leave Hy Vee for shopping only.

We also have our two loveable and darling cats, Boomer and Milo who are doing quite well, and I am sure there will be stories shared about them, they are so fun! Other than that, we hope everyones March is getting off to a fabulous start!! I will update soon!


Bigfoot said...

Jim & Mandy,

Hey! Good luck on the Graduate thingie, we keep you in our prayers, always

Mom said...

I love it! The picture, the letter...everything! It was great. Love, Mom

ANA said...

You will find this is the greatest way to keep everyone up to date...I just wish we could post videos.

Anonymous said...

Jim & Mandy,

You did a great job for your first blog! Now if I could only do as well. I love it! Great picture of you two. One of my favorites!

Love ya,
Mom (aka Joy)

Anonymous said...

Bet you guys thought that I would never get to this but hey I made it. Love the letter but you know how my typing skills are if I have something to say you know me I will probably call.

Love ya guys