Monday, March 06, 2006

Slow Weekend

Well as weekends go this certainly wasn't our most exciting but that's ok sometimes. After work on Friday we decided to go for our walk. It was pay day at HyVee so I thought we could walk up there and pick up my check and then head home. We decided to walk through Valley Junction on our way up there.

Valley Junction is technically the whole area we live in, but 5th street alone is most commonly referred to as Valley Junction (we live on 4th so it is not far at all). 5th Street is lined with little shops and antique stores and little restaurants and what not. It is part of what led us to rent down there because often times they have something going on. In the summer and fall they have a farmers market every Thursday night which we had gone to before and it is quite fun. They also have art and antique fairs and various events at certain holidays; it is just a cute little neighborhood.

Anyhow, we window shopped our way through and then headed up to HyVee. We left our house at about 5:20, sun shining and we watched the sun set as we walked. We stopped and picked up my check. Then we headed out, sun almost down, and it was dark as night when we got home about 7. It was a little over 3 1/2 miles so we just took our time and enjoyed our walk.

Saturday we didn't do much at all. I had to work from 3-10 so before hand we just kind of bummed. Saturday night Jim said he would make pancakes the next morning so I was pretty excited when I was treated to breakfast in bed on Sunday. We picked up the house a bit and then ran a few errands. We stopped by Barb's (Jim's sister) Sunday evening and ordered pizza while we watched the first part of the Academy Awards. After that, we headed home and finished up a few things before heading to bed. Like I said, it was a slow weekend, but enjoyable.

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