Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Baby Davis Update

Pregnant life has been going fine for us in the Davis house. The Saurday after Thanksgiving (11/29) I felt the baby move for the first real pin-pointed time. She definately surprised me, especially when you don't know what to expect! Since then I have been able to feel her move almost daily. This last Saturday she was really rockin' and rollin' in there, and with all of her movements come the constant need to visit the restroom!

We had an appointment last Friday and all was going well. I still haven't put on any of the weight that I lost initially which is good, and my stomach is growing like it should be. I am still mostly in regular pants, buttoning them fine without any pressure, but I have begun to feel my stomach starting to expand a bit. We were able to see the baby at that appointment to check on the heart beat, she was at a MUCH better angle than at our last ultrasound and it was very exciting to get to see her again!

We are definately having trouble thinking of names. We had a girls name all picked out for quite some time (Harper Charlotte), until recently the Disney channel decided to use it in one of their shows (thank you Wizards of Waverly Place whose main character's best friend is Harper). Anyone who knows me well knows that that will kill it for me, we don't want a weird name, but we want an original name, and now every pregnant Mom watching the Disney Channel with their kids will hear this name so we just can't do it. I suppose we will keep brainstorming and come up with something eventually.

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mom said...

Keep re-visiting your baby name list, adding, deleting and you'll come up with the perfect name!
Love, Mom