Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tree Destruction

I have been promising a few family members pictures of what our cats can do to a Christmas tree. These pictures are from 2005, when I was still living in my apartment.

This is why...
  • we can't have a tree that gets put together in layers...that equals climbing to the top opportunities for the cats
  • the most precious ornaments now get loaded around the top of the tree
  • Jim had to make a base for the tree out of 2 2x4's crossed and routed to fit like an X, screwed in to a 4x4 with a hole drilled into it that the tree pole slides into. This way, even if they do jump in, try to climb, etc... they can't tip the whole thing over like they did multiple times in 2005.

Before: This is when we got it up, lights strung, and our 1st ornament we got together on it.

After: This is taken before Christmas even, as you can still see the presents under our tree.

As you can see, the lights are no longer working, the star is falling off, there are few ornaments left, multiple branches down, and all in all, it is just a mess. I also learned to take a picture of the tree after it is completely decorated, just in case this were to ever happen again!

Hope all your trees are looking festive!


Ariana said...

Our tree has been undecorated quitea few times too - at least the ornaments in reach of Kileigh. At least the most she can do is take the ornaments off - and not truley destroy the tree.

joy said...

Thank you for the pictures of the tree before and after Boomer! It really was a beautiful tree. The one for this year is great! I love mine and it will probably be up a while after the holiday. It always is. I enjoy the colors so much. Thanks for the help in getting it up.

joy said...
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mom said...

"Fat tail Boomer" can really do some damage! That silly, crazed kitty!
Love, Mom