Thursday, October 22, 2009


The weekend of Oct. 17th Jim, Charlotte and I headed to Dubuque for Joy's birthday. We decided to head out Friday night after Charlotte's bed time hoping she would sleep through the drive and go back to bed once we got there. Unfortunately, it didn't really work that way. We left between 9:45 and 10 and she slept in the car well. We pulled into Joy's place about 1:15 am. After getting everything upstairs to her apartment and the pack and play put up the girl who we thought was still sleeping was WIDE awake. We spent until about 3:30 or later trying to get her back to sleep before she finally nodded off. Poor Jim (who drove) was so tired! Luckily for us she slept in a bit on Saturday!

Saturday morning we spent playing. Charlotte was being so cute! She rolled all over the floor and wrapped herself up in her blanket. Then she started playing peek-a-boo. Just check out the's adorable!!

Saturday afternoon we got ready to head out. Jim thought it would be fun to head to Galena, IL. He has always told me I would love it and boy was he right! Charlotte napped in the car on the way there but once we had her out she was certainly bright eyed!
I think Joy enjoyed our trip as well. Here she is with Jim and Charlotte. We all got around town very well and enjoyed all of the little shops. We didn't buy much, but I certainly could have!Jim ran to the car to get Charlotte's hip sling carrier and Joy and I were in a toy store. They had an entire bathtub full of rubber duckies! By the end of the day we were all pooped! We finally decided it had gotten a little too chilly and we should head out. We went back to Dubuque and hung out for a short while. Eventually, we headed back out to treat Joy to dinner for her Birthday. She chose to go to the Olive Garden. We all had a nice time. We were there 2 years ago celebrating her 60th only that was a surprise!Sunday we had breakfast out and then got ready to head home. We picked up Jim's friend Dude to bring him back this way (he was dropping off his old car for his teenage nephew to have...lucky boy!). The trailblazer was a bit tight but we all made it!
I kept trying to get pictures of Charlotte's teeth on the way home and finally succeeded....sort of! Her two bottom ones are poking through if you can see them. She got her first tooth the weekend of the 3rd and the second the weekend of the 10th. Teething wasn't too bad but we certainly have a lot more to go!


joy said...

It was a wonderful weekend Mandy. I love having you guys here. I think Galena is great too! In fact a couple of my friends and I are going back to do some Christmas window-shopping! We'll see how that goes! Your daughter is the cutest and I love her dearly. Who'd a thought being a grandmother could be so much fun.

mom said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
Love, Mom