Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pictures From Charlotte...Again

This is one of my favorite places to sleep!I got a lot of cool books for my baptism so Mom was reading me one...and I helped!Boomer is my bestest furry friend.See...he loves me!When Mom got back from Vegas we were both SUPER happy!We just couldn't stop smiling!The docotr said when I was 5 months I could start having solid food so the day after I turned 5 months old Mom and Dad gave me cereal for the first time.Here I am taking my first bite! is so yummy and I am such a good helper.I'll have this spoon thing mastered in no time. Check out my red rash all over. Mom and Dad took me to the doctor and he said it was my body getting rid of something it didn't like but no one knew what...not even me!Mom put my hair up for the first time.But Dad liked this hat better.I was a toughie with it on! On 09-29 I FINALLY rolled over from my back to my tummy. I have been teasing Mom and Dad for MONTHS!!!Hahahaha!!!! I knew I could do it the whole time!This is the way I like to get around...I lift my bum and scooch myself right across the floor.Here I am with Dad...he is so cool!
I love my Daddy!We got all bundled up to go for a walk when the weather got cool.
When we got back we were both tuckered out...phew.Check out how long my hairs are getting.
I like to play with this block from my Grandma Joy.
Here is one of my Halloween shirts. My skeleton glows in the dark...oooo...scary!
I practically did a back bend out of my chair to grab this section of the paper.
I love playing in my exersaucer/walker.
Look at me...I grabbed my feet. They make great chew toys!No matter how many time Mom sat me up I just kept sliding over and hanging out.
All decked out for Halloween!Yep, I'm a little pumpkin!And I am almost always all smiles!
Check out my hair...I am getting to be such a big girl!
And I love looking at Odie Dog!Mom and Dad decided I could move on from rice so now I get oatmeal cereal too. I think I like the oatmeal better! So tasty!


Barb said...

Great pictures Mandy, she is getting to be a big girl! Love the shot with her hair up!

Ariana said...

Cute pictures - she is getting so big.

joy said...

Mandy your captions are wonderful! Reading them and reviewing the pictures is so much fun. Oh, the pictures aren't bad either!!! Wonderful shots of my little darlin'.

Mom said...

I just love Charlotte's commentary on the pictures!! Maybe she needs her own blog! HA!!
Love, Mom