Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ear Infection

On Monday the 19th when Charlotte turned 6 months old I pretty much started panicking. SO many people I knew were telling me that now since she was 6 months old she was going to get sick. So and so's baby got the flu, another's got a cold, another got sick and dehydrated and so eventually they took him to the emergency room, etc... etc... etc...

Needless to say I was worried. And like clock work on Tuesday the 20th I pick Charlotte up from daycare and she hadn't eaten her bottle that day. Not like she just wasn't interested, but she was MAD at even trying. We got home and she was fine. Ate like a champ, I was taking her temperature constantly and it was normal. She was just slightly clingy but we were getting off a weekend away so no big deal. Wednesday she was a bit fussy again at daycare which is unusual. She didn't want to play on the floor and she ate kind of bad again. But again, that night she was great but still slightly clingy so I kept checking her temp and watching her. I did notice her voice sounded a little hoarse and eventually there was a little bit of wax gunk in her ear. When we woke up on Thursday her right eye seemed a bit swollen and watery so I called the doctor. I knew something wasn't right but I just wasn't sure what. I got her in later that morning and sure enough she had a slight ear infection in her right ear. We got a prescription for amoxicillan and headed on our way.

She never had a fever so that I am thankful for. She handled it like a champ and to be honest I was a little relieved to get the first illness over with. Now let's hope for a healthy winter!These pictures are from Thursday 10-22 when I took her in to the doctor. She looked so cute when we got home from daycare later that day I took some pictures. Jim liked her and Odie sitting together! I love this one of our first attempt at medicine. We learned quickly how NOT to give it!


DeVore Family said...

It's so great that Charlotte went so long without getting sick. Ben has been sick a couple of times already! Ben just had an ear infection too! Ben loved his medicine and got excited when he saw the syringe thingy...hehe...babies are so funny and cute!

joy said...

Glad she's on the mend. Her daddy had a lot of ear infections when he was little. Think it run in the family?

mom said...

Glad the little angel is feeling better! And I love, LOVE the picture of Charlotte and Odie!
Love, Mom