Thursday, October 01, 2009

Our 23 Week Old Family

Jim's friend Dude was over to watch football (09/27) so we had him snap this of us. My jeans are filthy from being in the sand at my photo shoot but not a bad picture. As you can see, the living room looks a bit different. We (FINALLY-according to Jim) got an LCD television to go up in our living room. With having Charlotte now we just didn't have enough room but I still wasn't really wanting one because we only had one wall for it to go on. Then Jim decided we could get it to go above the fireplace so at that point I was game. We talked about this the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and that Tuesday he bought the TV. Men certainly jump on it when it involves a TV!

My condition was that we needed a new softer rug for Char Char to play on so we got one picked out and it looks fantastic! It is a magnet for pet hair but worth it for as good as it makes the room look. We were able to move the couch out from in front of the window, moved out the armoire (which we now need to sell if you know anyone in the market) and the room looks FAR larger! Now I have a whole wall to decorate but I am still deciding what to do. I'll keep you posted!

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Mom said...

The room sure has a "great new look"!!
Love, Mom