Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Charlotte,

You're one today!  It's true that all day I was in denial.  Certainly it hasn't been a year yet?!  Everyone told us that it would go so fast, and you know what?  It does.  You just don't understand that until the time has flown by and you sit there hoping you did your best, and I can say confidently that I know we did. 

This year was so good to us.  We have only you to thank for that.  There really is nothing like having the opportunity to be your Mom and Dad.  The countless times your Dad and I have said out loud "how did we get such a perfect one?"  truly describes our aww and wonderment at having you in our lives.  You are the PERFECT daughter for us. 

Thank you so much Charlotte for teaching us again how to laugh, cry, wonder, smile, worry, giggle, and love all without end.  Happy 1st Birthday baby girl...we love you more than you could know.

With our whole hearts,

Mom and Dad


mom said...

I remember telling you kids "you'll understand how much I love you when you have kids of your own". I think you understand now what I meant. It's an unbelieveable feeling, isn't it?
Love, Mom

DeVore Family said...

So sweet!