Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time For Presents

After everyone had been playing, chatting, and hanging out for a bit we rounded everyone up to open presents.  First we gave Char our gift we made her.  Jim cut everything out and put it together and I painted it.  The one side was clearly the cow jumping over the moon.

The other side had the nursery rhyme written.  The cats playing the fiddle were boomer and milo, the dog laughing was Odie, the dish was Jim and I and the spoon was Charlotte. 

She loved it!

Jesse and Cheryl got her a hilarious t-shirt!  I LOVE it!!

She was very excited to show Jim her new book.

Jim's sister got her a little tyikes trike and Jim and I got her a helmet and seat for our bike.

She was one very happy girl!

Everyone was so generous and she walked away very spoiled.  She got lots of books, toys and practically a whole new wardrobe.  We can't thank everyone enough for a wonderful time!


DeVore Family said...

Look at all that loot! The gift you made her is amazing! I love her birthday dress!

mom said...

I love, LOVE the gift you both made for Charlotte! It will be an heirloom!
Love, Mom

Barb said...

I don't think she got enough stuff! Can't wait to see her in all her new clothes and playing with her new toys.