Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finally...The CAKE!!

Ok...I know I am a little picture crazy which is why I have 3 different posts for one birthday party, but what can I is too hard to narrow them down. 

Lets begin with a picture of us singing happy birthday.  I wish we would have gotten it on video, she totally LOVED all the attention!  Oh yeah...we changed her out of her party dress so she didn't get it all cakey so instead she was wearing button leggings, a shirt that says "and today, I eat cake", and a tutu for fun.

She started off slow...
Happy with every finger full of frosting.
after finger full...
after finger full...
after finger full...
after finger full...

She only shared one bite with Papa.

After quite awhile of slow moving she finally dug in!

Now shovelling it in by the fist full!

Not much left!

Don't worry...She'll get it!

 So exhausted...taking a break!

Oh holy YUM that was good!

Dad clean me please!

Happy Birthday Cakester!


Big Cousin Heather said...

Oh my goodness! This has me in tears! Licking the plate?! That is priceless!!

DeVore Family said...

So stinkin cute and hilarious!!! I wish we could have been there!

mom said...

I have lots of "cake pics" to share with you. I've got "proof" that she shared with Uncle Jesse and her Daddy, too!! Only the men in her life got to share her special cake!!
Love, Mom