Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Weekend Repeat

For the last year and a half my friend Jodi and her husband have been in Kentucky on rotation for his job as an engineer.  Last year they were back Eater weekend and we met between her hometown in southern Iowa and Des Moines so we could have a chance to hang out.  I was just a few days out from being due with Charlotte (she was born a week after this picture) and she was due in June with her son, Benjamin. 

This Easter Weekend they were able to visit again.  I am always amazed at everyone they make time to see when they are here.  We got together Friday afternoon for lunch and had planned on taking the kiddos to the Easter Bunny at the mall but he wasn't there.  We still had fun hanging out and chit chatting. I can't wait for them to move back to Peoria so we can see eachother more often!


mom said...

Jodi is such a sweetheart! Good to see the comparison pictures.
Love, Mom

DeVore Family said...

We had so much fun! Ben misses his buddy Charlotte already!