Monday, April 12, 2010

French Doors

With all of the construction they will be doing on our house this spring we decided to get a couple projects done before they began.  Since they will be re-finishing all of the hard woods we definitely wanted to get the makeshift closet torn out of the den and get the french doors put in.  Soon enough this will be a playroom.

Here are the BEFORE pictures:

Here are some DURING pictures:

Here are some AFTER the doors are installed, but before the finishing work.  Jim and my Dad have since finished the drywall and texturing on the living room side and mudding the drywall on the den side.

Thanks SO much to Jim and my Dad for working so hard to get this done.  They slammed it all out while entertaining both Jayke and Charlotte (they worked on it Friday and I had to work on Saturday).  Amazing men right?!?  I can not believe how much ligt it lets into the living room.  We love it already!  Can't wait to get everything else finished up.


Barb said...

Wow, those look great! Nice job Jim and Bob.

mom said...

Very, very nice!
Love, Mom