Thursday, August 23, 2012

Divorcing Weddings

This week I finally finished editing the wedding I shot on June 16th.  After shooting I usually let it sit for a week or so to decompress (shooting weddings are hard work!).  By that time life was a flurry of doctor's appointments, funerals (my Grandpa and Aunt Virginia's), vacation prep, and then the delivery of twins and the recovery.  A whole month gone.

What a HUGE relief to have this behind me though.  I do believe that is the last wedding I will shoot.  The payday from a wedding is ok, but I am not sure it is good enough.  Sorry weddings, but you and I are officially divorcing.  I will feel even more caught up and fantastic once I finish up a couple other sessions so that I am no longer behind and back to on track with things.

I also had my first newborn shoot since having the girls and it went really well.  Some people were concerned what that first shoot would be like, and in all honesty it was great.  My point of reference isn't really current newborns, but rather pregnant people who are at about the same place in their pregnancies that I would have been.  I am unreasonably angry at them, and obviously it is absolutely no fault of their own.  I wish I could explain it but the fact is that they still have what I don't.  I am getting better with that every day as well.

Here's on to a bit more editing while the kiddos are playing together.  They have been having so much fun together lately now that Oliver is mobile and more interactive with Charlotte.  It is honestly the coolest thing to watch!

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