Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Poor Verizon

I feel slightly bad for a conversation I had with the lovely people at Verizon Wireless this last week.  Last month, when things were hitting the fan, we realized that between calling my family, friends, doctors, etc... I was totally going to go over my minutes.  This was before the girls had passed away, but during a time when things were getting sorted out and when my family lost both my Grandpa and Great Aunt Virginia less than a week apart.  Needless to say I was on the phone a lot.

I have never had an issue with minutes before, so after we asked the people at Verizon what we should do, they told us to go online and switch to the next plan up; we would be charged the difference on our next bill and we wouldn't then be charged any overage fees.  Awesome.  We could totally do that.

Jim hopped online, made the changes, and that was that.  Or so we thought until we got our bill.  Our regular fees, plus the difference, plus a ton of overage fees.  Huh???

I called them last week to try to get it all figured out.  Turns out that you have to specifically say online somewhere that you want the new plan to be retroactive until the beginning of the billing cycle and apparently Jim didn't do that.  They offered to make the change for our next bill and take off 30% of the overage fees.  Totally not good enough.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I can be pretty strong willed, and might tend to get a bit angry in these situations, and, dare I say it, I generally even curse.  I know....so lame.  This time, I just started sobbing.  Literally sucking my breath in, making gosh forsaken noises, and sobbing to the poor Verizon woman.

First of all, I was just upset because we did what we were told to do, and had the worker just done it for us this wouldn't even be an issue.  Second of all, just thinking of what the circumstances were and why I was on the phone so much just pushed me over the edge.  I couldn't even explain it to this woman on the phone as she put her supervisor on, who I still proceeded to cry uncontrollably to, constantly apologizing and explaining that I am not normally like this.

In the end, they got everything fixed and all of the charges reversed, and were really rockstars.  I, on the other hand, was not as thrilled with myself.  I know I have cried a lot lately, last week was better than the week before, especially in the realm of tears shed.  I tell you what though, the minute they started flowing, I could not stop them.  One of those cries where you can't catch your breath well, are sucking in air, stomach heaving, kind of cries.  Oh...and I was in the car.  I had pulled off into a parking lot, thank goodness.  This situation was just one of those friendly reminders to me that even in the most regular of circumstances the girief can hit like a mack truck.

On the way home I thought both Charlotte and I could use a little pick me up (I am glad both the kids had fallen asleep in the car when I lost it) and so we stopped for some Starbucks.  It had been an awfully long time since I had one of their wonderful iced coffees (they don't come decaf and I was pregnant).  I even got Charlotte her own special treat.

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Barb said...

I can just imagine that conversation! Glad it came out OK. Hang in there.