Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fun Havin'

Today the kids and I didn't do a whole lot.  Jim has been out of town since Monday and with the excitement of preschool coupled with wanting to get some other stuff done, today was spent winding down.

Charlotte has been asking about painting pumpkins for a couple of weeks already.  This last weekend the farmers market had tiny pumpkins and she was so pumped.  Seriously, she spent an awful lot of time picking up every single tiny pumpkin at the stand, weighing it's painting possibilities, and choosing just the right ones for her project.  Today we pulled out the pumpkins and opted for permanent markers instead of paint.  She was occupied for a good long time.

There was a moment today when I looked at the disaster that was our living room and for once instead of thinking "man, didn't I just have this clean?" I thought "man, my kids are having fun".

This smile slays me

Yes.  He is biting.  
Brother is always showing us his toys with intense pride. 

Fun lazy day was a total success and better yet Daddy got home tonight.  Happy hump day all!

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