Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Small Town Park

On our anniversary Saturday Jim and I did some searching for a new bed.  5 year anniversary is wood so we decided to purchase this together as it is something we have wanted for awhile.  To say we struck out in our search would be an understatement but I guess we will just have to keep looking.

After checking some places here in Des Moines we ventured up to Boone to try Redekers.  That was a total bust.  Since we were near enough, we decided to blow some time and end the day with dinner in Ames at a spot we have always enjoyed, Great Plains Sauce and Dough Co.

While deciding what to do we came across a park in Boone that we stopped at.  The park was gigantic, surrounded with old trees, tons of different areas.  I love small town old parks.  We spent most of our time in the "Kiddy Corral".  The kids had a blast and so did we.  A perfect family afternoon.


joy said...

Beautiful family pictures. Looks like a very fun afternoon with the children! I'm jealous! I wanna play too!!!!

Barb said...

Great pics of the whole family, looks like a great day for all of you. Love the shots of the kids on the swings.