Sunday, April 06, 2008

Vet Visit

On Friday I had to take Odie to the vet to get updated on his vaccines and for his wellness check. We got a welcome packet when we moved to Urbandale and one of the items was a certificate to a local vet who I had heard good things about, so we headed there.

Odie always loves his leash and loves car rides so he was pretty pumped when we left the house. Things changed the minute we went to walk into the vet's office. I opened the door and he knew immediately where he was. He tried to run away and I had to try to coax him back, I was pulling the leash trying to get him to come in and he would not budge. Finally I had to pick him up and carry him in.

While inside he just cowered next to me in the waiting room shaking like a leaf. When it was our turn to go in things didn't get any better. The Vet opened the window to let in some air since it was so nice out and Odie tried to get out through the window, although the screen stopped him. He was very apprehensive and as a precaution the vet decided to muzzle him, which I was not a huge fan of, but I had never seen Odie act this way and I didn't know what his previous experiences were like at a vet's office so I understood.

Finally he was being examined and still not liking it much. They had to draw blood to test for heart worms, which he didn't have. All the while he had already went numbers one and two on the table. The vet responded with "good, we needed a fecal sample". After the blood draw he thought he was done and freaked out again and peed and pooed all over again. Then he had to get his shots, and again tried to get away after they were done and in doing so he peed and pooed yet again. That time the pee got all over my leg and shoe, and the poo was diarrhea since he had little left in him to be going. Then he got his bottom all in the nasty stuff so they had to carry him back to wash him off. It was all pretty traumatic for him.

Of course when they were all done and him and his leash were back in my hands he was fine, all smiles ready to trot out.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Odie!
Dyson poops every time we go to vet, too. I think it's just a nervous reaction. A dog's senses are so keen that the smell of the place probably brings back bad memories...we all know that nothing good ever happens at the vet! Poor babies!

Love, Mom