Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wintery Spring Weekend

On Thursday night I called my sister to see if Jim and I could have Jayke for the weekend, we like having him come and hang out with us since he is just so awesome. Chelsea and I agreed to meet Friday afternoon. When she picked up Jayke from daycare she told him he got to go to Auntie Mandy's house and he was pretty pumped. Of course he told Chelsea that he also got to see Jim, Odie, Boomer and Milo then he looked at all of his friends and said excitedly, "I get to go to my Auntie Mandy's!!".

I picked him up Friday at around 1 and he came to work with me that afternoon. He loves coming to work with me cause he like to "play with the kids". When the bell rang for school to get out he looks at me and yells "The kids are coming! The kids are coming!" and he runs to go meet them. He especially likes one of my boys, Mark. He will ask over and over if he gets to see Mark and then he will tell me that Mark is his best friend (although the best friend changes through the weekend, it can also be Odie, Jim, Boomer, or just simply all the animals).

Saturday we went to pick up an ijoy massage chair that Jim and I purchased cheaply off of Craigslist. Jim had been wanting one for quite awhile, he even wanted to register for one for the wedding but we didn't. So when I saw this one for sale the guy said make me an offer so I low-balled it and he took it. I was SO excited to get it for Jim! We had to drive to Newton to pick it up but it was totally worth it, it works great and feels fantastic.

We also ran some errands on Saturday and let Jayke play in the mall play center which he always loves. That was good too since when we woke up on Saturday it was snowing, a lot. We got at least 1/2 an inch on the ground and it still snowed all morning! Jim went to grab the car before we left the mall since it was pretty cold and while Jayke and I waited in Sears he picked a couple of "tractors" that he decided should be his and he asked if he could have his picture taken by them so I obliged.

Sunday we ran to Walmart and he got to ride the horse, which he loves. Then on our way to meet Chelsea we stopped at the McDonalds play place because he had been begging to go there. Of course while we were there he would not climb up into anything, he just ran around and jumped on the bottom of the slides. Silly Kid! We were late meeting Chelsea because I give in when Jayke says "come on Manny, just 2 more minutes".


Mom said...

I just love all the pictures you include in your blog! It's like reading a storybook with great illustrations! Thanks for sharing!
Love, Mom

P.S. I was kinda hopin' to see a sleeping boy with his hand in the fry box...

joy said...
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joy said...

What a lucky little boy Jayke is to have an aunt and uncle like you and Jim. You're pretty special people to alot of us. Love reading your blog. Take care of each other.

Love ya,
Joy (aka Mom)