Saturday, April 19, 2008

We LOVE Spring Clean Up Days!

Thank goodness for spring clean up/large garbage pickup days! Without them we would still be unable to park in our garage, but now we can pull all the way in, close the door and everything!

We put out the carpet that we ripped out, the countertops that we ripped out, along with oodles of crap that was found as the snow melted around our yard including tons of ocky kids toys, an old hanging swing all rotted out, a random barrell with a water pump attached to it, 3 basket ball hoops, 1 backboard and one basketball hoop pole with stand. We also got rid of the old owners old nasty microwave, scraps of wood, and pretty much just crap. It is so nice to be rid of trash that was never ours. Again, thank goodness for large garbage pickup!!

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Mom said...

I am thankful that Carter Lake has TWO "Clean Up" in the spring and one in the fall. It's nice for all of us perpetual crap keepers and junk collectors.