Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yay for Yardwork

Saturday was quite the day for yardwork at the Davis house. Jim, his sister, my friend's mom Kathleen, and I all spent about 6 hours working on the yard. Kathleen knows a ton about plants and mentioned some things the last time she was here so I asked her to come help us out and I am so glad she did. Our front yard is full of intricate landscaping and she really helped me learn how to maintain things each spring and each fall.

To start with there was A LOT of cleaning out to do since no one was here to do any maintenance this past fall. We trimmed everything up so it was ready for spring growth and Jim and his sister raked up all the leaves in the backyard. Pretty much all of the mulch up front will need to be replaced but we won't start that for the next couple of weeks because so many things are still coming through. It will be exciting to see how things grow and come up in the coming months!

We had gotten a leaf blower/vac/mulcher at menards and it was working great, until it broke of course! So there are still a few piles of leaves in the backyard that need to be bagged and some more raked around the swingset but we were beat by the end of it all.

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Mom said...

In all of the pictures you included, I must have missed the yard gnome.
Love, Mom