Monday, June 14, 2010

Backyard Swimming

After a little bit of searching this year Jim and I found the perfect kids pool for our backyard.  It was from Costco and we thought it was great, but decided to wait and make sure it was the one we wanted.  Dumb move.  We went back and it was gone.  We searched some more and eventually decided on an easy set pool that we got on a GREAT deal.

When we were setting the pool up Charlotte had a clast playing in it.  Of course we didn't exactly have her swim ready so her diaper blew up!  Seriously HUGE.  So huge the the h is silent...UGE!!!  It was hilarious to watch her try to walk around in it but she managed.  When she sat, she weeble wobbled.  HILarious.

The pool was too cold the first day so the next day (06/14) we gave it a whirl.  She loved it of course...and to be honest so did I.  I love to swim!

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