Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garage Sale

Yesterday we had a garage sale.  I am not sure it is ever truly worth the work.  We took off Friday hoping to have it both Friday and Saturday (fyi...I hate that the most popular garage sale day around here is Friday.  I mean seriously!). 

Well, Friday was a no-go for 2 reasons:  1-We were NOT ready!  2-It crazy stormed off and on ALL day.  At one point the sirens were even going off but it was for high winds, not a tornado.  Winds were reaching over 70 mph on a constant basis.  Um...can you imagine if we had set up the garage sale?  We definitely would have gotten rid of our stuff, we wouldn't have been sure where it flew off to, but it would have been gone!

Saturday was HOT but we managed to get it all out there.  We sure had a few crazies stop by and ended the day with way too much stuff left (and we were CHEAP!).  But over all we made about $500.  Not too bad.  Hopefully we can get the rest of the house gone through for them to begin our home repairs early August.

On a brighter note....Friday we planned a vacation!!  One of my favorite photographers ( who I have been following for a couple of years is offering a workshop.  Immediately Jim and I knew I should go.  It could be a serious turning point.  What she is teaching is what to do AFTER you take the picture and I don't know WHAT she does to skin and eyes but it's GORGEOUS and I can hardly wait to learn.

Well, this workshop happens to be in Warwick, Rhode Island!!  It is in November so we are planning on taking about 7 days off of work, plus the weekends.  We are going to drive out, stopping at Niagra Falls for a day.  We will visit Cape Cod, Providence, Warwick and some other coastal towns.  The last thing we will do is attend my workshop and then head back home.  I can not wait!  So, the garage sale money began our vacation fund.  Woo hoo!!

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