Friday, June 04, 2010

My Birthday

I don't know what it is any more, but I can never remember how old I am.  Jim reminded me that I am indeed now 27.  They day wasn't too different than any other day.  I was pretty darn pumped by my gift from Jim (although I had spoiled it earlier this week).  He got me my new DSLR camera I had been wanting.  I was mere seconds away from ordering it the other night when finally he gave and told me not to because it was already supposed to arrive the next day!!! 

We headed out to dinner that evening at Rock Bottom with Jim, Charlotte, Barb and I.  Beforehand we stopped outside and tested out the new equipment.  It was fun to play with!  Here are some shots, beginning with my and Char on my big day!

Uh oh...tumble!

Mom and Daughter

Love this one!  How cute is she with her thumbs in the pockets!

The face may LOOK innocent...

God I love her!!

I can hardly wait to test out the camera and accessories Jim got me some more.  He is truly the best and the birthday wasn't too shabby either!


DeVore Family said...

Great pictures!!! Don't feel bad, I can't remember how old I am anymore either. I have to actually do the math sometimes, it's pretty bad! :)

joy said...

She is definitely an angel -- some times her wings maybe a little crooked -- but you gotta love her!!

Big Cousin Heather said...

Oh wow! The last three pictures here are the first ones I've seen where she actually looks like Jim! Usually she's a mini-me of Mandy. Finally - proof that she has a little of her daddy in her too ;)
So stinkin' cute!!