Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Charlotte is so super lucky to have such an awesome Daddy!  They love eachother to bits and he would do anything for her....I think she knows that!  This Father's Day Jim was ogled over by all of his little ones, including Odie and Petey. 

Yesterday I took the girl and the 2 boys to get their picture taken for Jim as a surprise.  It was a little nightmarish but we ended up with a couple cute ones.  Unfortunately Charlotte was in full on Mommy mode.  She absolutely would not sit without me, and after having the garage sale all day, although I had showered, I was by no means picture ready.  They were still cute though.

The dogs also picked up a pooper scooper for Jim.  Wasn't that nice of them?  Charlotte got him some books all about Daddy's and their kids to read together.  I got Jim a GPS system, but I let him pick it out and now I just need to get it.

It was a pretty good day in all.  Happy Father's Day Jim! 

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