Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Long weekend!! YAY!!  This weekend was very much needed.  Work has been crazy for both Jim and I (and we actually both spent a good chunk of Monday working), but the rest of the weekend was great.

Saturday began with a trip down to our favorite place to be on Saturday mornings...the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market!  The place is epic...we love it!  Here we are ready to leave the house.

It was mighty hot but we enjoyed ourselves as usual.  Charlotte chilled in the shade of her stroller and chowed down on some of Jim's freshly made doughnuts.  I, on the other hand, had my usual papusa...they are SO good, I will try to get a picture next time.

I love this picture of Jim and Charlotte.  Welcome to our Saturday morn.

We headed home and finished packing the car to head to Omaha.  We had a party to attend on Sunday for my Great Aunt Virginia's 90th birthday!  That's right...90!!  We decided to head out on Saturday and back on Sunday.

This was only Petey's 2nd long trip in the car, the first was when we brought him home.  He did pretty well, but definitely had a favorite spot...Charlotte's lap!  Pretty soon, that will not work out so hot.

After we got into town we headed over to my Aunt Linda's for a Memorial Weekend BBQ.  I managed to take only 2 pictures and this was the best one...pretty pathetic huh?  We had to change Charlotte's shirt because she threw up sour milk on the first one.  I am not sure anything stinks worse than that!  In fact, we gave her a quick bath when we first got to my Dad's and before heading out because it is just so stinky.

We changed her into her jamjams at Linda's before we left.  We got into the car at 9:14...Jim bet she would be out by 9:16, I said 9:17...Jim was right.  She did not even stir when we put her down.  After visiting outside with some of the family I came in and she was sleeping with her bum scooched up in the air.  Cracked me up!

Sunday we headed out to lunch with my Mom and Frank.  We hit up PepperJax...So yummy!!  We had a wonderful time chatting before heading to the party. Charlotte has become attached to her giraffe we got at the zoo.  She wouldn't part with it during her lunch.  I will have to add another picture that shows the giraffe better.

We all had a good time at the party.  It was supposed to be a surprise party.  My Dad and Deb did all the planning and it was fantastic.  My Dad had an announcement put in her church newsletter and asked them not to send her one so that it would be a surprise.  When my Dad was visiting her earlier in the week he said perhaps he would stop by on Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa.  She brought out the bulletin and pointed to the announcement and said "maybe you want to come about 2:00".  So much for the surprise!!

Charlotte had a great time playing with everyone... especially Sofia!  She will be one at the end of June and it is so exciting that so many cousins will all be so close in age with one another.

When we got back from the celebration she was dead tired...that's what no nap will get ya!  A ton of family came over to my Dad and Deb's to see Petey and hang out.  Very suddenly we all decided to order pizza and make an evening of it.  What a great time!

After pizza we changed Charlotte into jams and headed over to Chelsea's house.  Jim had offered to help her get Jayke's dvd player working and he had that done lickity split.  We spent the rest of the night watching the kiddos play (I think Jim may be a kiddo!)

We postponed heading home until first thing Monday morning because some nasty thunderstorms were moving through our drive area.  We finished up some work on Monday and relaxed.  Super great weekend!

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