Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things She likes

Charlotte is very into anything purse like right now.  She garbs what she can, puts over her shoulder, and is on her way.

She has also become very fascinated by her belly button.  She wll lift her shirt and show you right whre it is.

Charlotte also now enjoys sleeping with her booty popped right into the air.  Funny.

And by golly we can not forget the shoes!  She is OBSESSED with shoes.  Having them on, keeping them on, getting you yours, making you put them on.  She gets that form her Aunt Chelsea and Aunt Barb.  Definitely.


Aunt Barb said...

One can never have enough shoes! At any age!

joy said...

You're just encouraging her Barb! She does love shoes! Most kids would kick them off as soon as possible, but my little munchkin puts them on in the mornings!!! Gotta love her!!