Friday, July 02, 2010

Daddy Daughter Day

Day care was closed on Monday so Jim and Charlotte had a Daddy-Daughter day.  He took pictures of most everything they did cause I really hate to miss out on stuff so here goes:
He gave her a bath

And played all morning.

Until it was nap time

Dad napped longer than Charlotte, so she played with boomer.

Then they ate lunch and got the oil changed in Mom's car

Then Dad lost his money clip and zoo pass at the oil change place...but he didn't realize it until the got to the almost closing time...after sitting in a big traffic jam.  They went back to the car place and picked up their lost stuff.

Then she had dinner

And they swept off the deck.

Finally they both visited me on my photo shoot that evening.  See the pregnant belly in the back...I am photographing it!

Jim said they had a super fantastic time together.

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