Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sofia's First Birthday

This last weekend we headed to Omaha to celebrate Sofia's First Birthday!  Her and Charlotte can have quite the time together so we were excited to be able to join in our her special day.  They were able to come for Charlotte's birthday in April as well so it is great we can have the opportunities for the cousins to hang out.

We left Saturday morning and drove my car instead of Jim's SUV.  Both dogs made it a bit more tight so we let them share the front seat.  They will definitely not be able to do this much longer, but it worked today!

The party was at Maybrey Park in Carter Lake.  It was H-O-T hot hot hot!  Scorching, burning, fire on the sun, well over 100 degree heat index hot.  Some how Shaun and Sara really pulled it off.  They had the shelter decorated, a taco bar and plenty of drinks available. 

The breeze from the lake was quite nice to enjoy some times.

Papa with his 2 youngest grandkids.

Shaun and the Birthday Girl!

Opening Presents

After a couple hours of sweating it finally became to much for Petey and Charlotte (and Mom) so we headed out to my Mom's house to go relax in some good ol' AC.  

We had a great time and Happy Birthday SOFIA!! 

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