Monday, July 05, 2010

Urbandale 4th of July Parade!!

Jim and I just love that we are so close to Urbandale's 4th of July festivities.  The parade lines up on our block so all we have to do is head down the street and find a good spot.  Joy was in town for the holiday so she came early enough that she didn't have any trouble pulling on to our block.  We gathered up our stuff and headed out. 

One of the floats on our block was a dog grooming and day care place.  They were very excited when we walked by with Petey.  They gave him a biscuit and in all the comotion Joy took a spill.  I saw the whole thing, it was COMPLETELY the sidewalk's fault!  After gathering ourselves back off we found a good location.

We settled in with a blanket, stroller, camp chair, and dog in to a sun filled scorching hot seat.  Pretty soon it all kicked off!
Charlotte was having fun watching the parade but the sun was literally crisping us up as we sat there.  She had manged to gather a little flag, some beads and a sticker.  We left the candy for the big kids.  After awhile we needed some relief and headed to the shade....ahhh.  Right before heang up there Charlotte was handed a popsicle...her very first one!

Petey enjoyed the shade immensely.  He was one hot dog.
Uh oh...she got her hair!

They had these plastic flags around and Charlotte enjoyed waving them so much.

Finally the parade wrapped up and it was time to head home.  Joy's leg was a little sore from the fall and Petey literally could not stand up from the heat so Jim ran and got the car for them.  After he got back and we got loaded up Charlotte and I walked home.  Needless to say we were pooped when we got back!

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