Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ben's Birthday!

Today we headed down to small town, southern Iowa for Ben's birthday party!  Ben is my best friend Jodi's little guy and he is just 6 weeks younger than Charlotte.  His birthday was in June but since they are in Kentucky right now for Nathan's job they had his party when they were able to come home. 

We had such a great time!  We got a bit detoured on the way there but eventually made it.  All the kids were looking so cool with their hats on!

When Ben went to blow out his candle he reached up and grabbed the flame.  Sure...he put it out...but was not to happy about it!  A little Mommy lovin later and he was good.
The kids played, ran and had an all around great ttime.  Most of us parents did too and it was SO good to spend time with Jodi!! 

A bunch of us that were in her wedding were back, and almost all of us were now toting little ones.  We got a picture of everyone for fun.  Man how time flies. 

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DeVore Family said...

Cute pictures! :)