Monday, July 05, 2010

More 4th

After re-couping from our morning parade and changing our sweaty clothes we wanted to get out of the house.  We ended up at the mall, walking around and playing in the play area.

Charlotte had ALL of her energy back.  We were on the upper level of the mall and the girl was running circles all over!  I have the funniest video of it and as soon as I figure out how to load them on here I will.  She cracks me up!

We decided for dinner we would head out since we were grilling out for the fourth the next day.  We went to Q, a little upscale bbq place with delicious food.  Afterwards we red boxed a movie, headed back home. 

The 4th ended up being wet, rainy and dreary.  Super crappy pretty much.  We had wanted to get in on the cheap pool admittance but the pools weren't open.  All, and I mean ALL of the local fireworks displays were cancelled or postponed (I still don't understand why they scheduled them all on the same night).  Joy came over and her, Jim and Charlotte napped while I made a late lunch for us all.  We still grilled because hey, who doesn't grill on the 4th?

Charlotte did learn a new trick.  She can officially climb all the way up on the furniture where she proceeds to scare the crap out of mom.


Later that night I decided we needed to do something a little Fourth of July-ish so we went out in the rain and made some smores.  Yummy!

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joy said...

Th nap was great! But the lunch was fantastic! Thanks Mandy, I had a great time (even if I did fall down!!)