Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy Weekend

It was one place to another this past weekend (July 10th/11th).  Saturday morning we headed down to the farmers market and then we spent the afternoon at a birthday party.  Dan and Sara's little girl Grace turned 3!  Charlotte had an absolute blast.  They had the pool in the back yard, water balloons, and of course just running around and meeting new people.

We got home and started getting some stuff done around the house.  Next thing we know, Charlotte had decided to dress herself with one of our adult t-shirts.  Jim turned around and asked if I put that on her.  I said no, did you.  Nope, he didn't either.  Smart little cookie!  She thought it was just hilarious to run around in it and frankly so did we!

Sunday we headed to Omaha for the day.  My big cousin Heather, her husband Marc and their 2 kids were in town and asked if we could spend some time together.  We considered going to the zo but the weather was looking iffy so we went swimming at Heather's Dad and his wife's home.  She is a swim teacher and they have a big indoor pool.  We all had a great time and loved getting to spend some time together.  We got back to my dad's place just in time for dinner and headed out late that night.

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