Thursday, November 18, 2010


On Wednesday we had plans to head to Boston for the day.  We took off in the morning and with traffic it took about an hour and half to get took another half hour to park.  The GPS didn't work so great between all the big buildings but we eventually found where we needed to be.  We had booked a hop on hop off site seeing trolley.  It was a great choice.  Here we are on our way to get to the trolley depot.
We boarded and enjoyed the first part of the tour.  So much history in Boston.  It was very cool to get to visit.  Because it was near lunch time we had decided to eat at Cheers, because where else should you get a burger in Boston?

The meal was good and we had a nice time.  Got a picture at the bar of Jim and Charlotte and another of me and her outside before heading out for the day.

We hopped back on the trolley and enjoyed more of the tour before getting off at our next stop.  We had bought tickets to tour Fenway.  Best choice ever!

The history of that ballpark was so cool!  It is 98 years old and so small compared to other ballparks but they have really remained true to its history.  They are waiting 2 more years because when it is 100 they can apply for it to become a historic national landmark and guarantee that it won't be torn down.  They won't consider a new field until that happens. 

We went out on the Green Monster which is a giant Green wall in the outfield.  It was built because once the baseballs were wound tighter too many people were hitting home runs and the guy who had bought the team in the 1930's simply could not afford to replace any more car windows.  The team was very poor when he bought it.

The seats are from the 1930's as well.  They have been re-done and they actually take out each piece of wood and cast iron and restore it meticulously.  One section was out when we were there.  They are taken out under high security.  It is really a pretty cool process to hear about. 

We also got to hear about all of the Red Socks/Yankees rivalry.  I would totally reccommend it to anyone visiting Boston.  And on our way out I got my favorite picture of Charlotte and Jim.  I love it so much!

Before leaving we hit up Quincy Market and then headed out.  Someone was kind enough to get a family picture for us too.

We had no problem getting back to Newport and the drive definitely seemed quicker.  When we got back we decided to go swimming again.  Charlotte is totally pumped to be at the pool!

It took us a minute to get used to the water when we got in...Jim us trying to grin and bear it!
Charlotte swam and hung out with both of us....

...but she would have swam away on her own if we would have let her.  Brave little girl!

Done for the night!

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