Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gramma Sitting

Just before going on vacation Jim and I made the decision to switch Charlotte's daycare provider.  A combination of reasons and we feel like we found a better fit for what Charlotte needs right now.  Our last day at our old provider was the day before we left for Rhode Island.

The only downfall to the timing of our switch was that she couldn't start at the new provider until this week.  That meant we had a few days without coverage and we need to get back to work.

Thankfully, my Mom was able to come and hang witht he girl for a few days!  We had a blast having her here and made Jim and I really spoiled.  We got to get up a little later and take our time in the morning because we didn't have to get her ready or drop her off. 

Charlotte and Gramma seemed to have a great time.  They spent all kinds of quality time together and did a variety of things.  My Mom stayed through the weekend and even another day on Monday which was awesome cause I was not ready to see her go, none of us were!

This weekend we went to the Winter Farmer's Market downtown and to the mall when Charlotte got to play.  Amazingly enough this is pretty much the only pictures I got.  I think maybe I was tired of my camera being permanently strapped to me all vacation! Mom also always got her to sit very nicely to have her hair done.

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