Friday, November 19, 2010


And so Sunday begins.  Wakey wakey eggs and bacy.  And before you know it we were off...

Up the toll bridge one last time...

And happily on our way to New York City!!  It was about a 3 hour drive and we had NO problem finding our way to Laguardia where we were dropping off the rental car.  A short cab ride later and we were waiting on Lacy's doorstep ready to begin our adventures!

We stayed with my good friend Lacy from college (thank you so much friend!) and her husband Vinny.  We took some time to relax, Lacy cooked a yummy lunch, and after awhile we decided to hit the town.

After buying some subway passes we began by going to Rockafeller Center, after all, the tree had just gone up the day before.  I have to say, not so glamorous before it's decorated.  A big tree, covered in scaffolding, with half of it's branches cut out to make room for the decorations.  Funny!

From there we began walking...

and decided to head to FAO Schwartz.

We watched a performance on the big piano (can we say BIG anyone?  Great movie!), and cruised around the toy store for awhile.  Fun!

After some debating (and maybe a little pleading to Lacy and Vinny who were getting tired and had to work the next day) we went to TIMES SQUARE!  So fun, so lively, so busy....a blast!  So glad we went!!

Those are most definitely some of my favorite pictures from the trip!  Great day in the Big Apple!

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Lacy said...

I think Auntie Lacy would looooove some copies of those Times Square photos. And the one of Char and me on the video chair....did we go through another visit without getting a Lacy Lou Who/Manda Panda pic?