Friday, November 19, 2010

The Best Day Ever....

Today did not start out as the best day ever.  Today was the day we were supposed to head to New York City.  We had planned on taking the train but found out at the last minute that they did not allow luggage, it was a passenger train only.  We looked into the bus but we had too many items per person and no way to get to the bus terminal from where we had to drop the car.  It seemed like problem after problem.  Not to mention that since I had been throwing up the night before we still had packing to do and I was seriously depressed about leaving Newport.  I honestly loved it so much. 

After all was said and done we ended up paying the surcharge to drop off our rental car in NYC instead of Providence and opted to drive down the next day.  Of course, our hotel was booked for the night so we stayed at the one next door (total dump). 

After making our decision and handling all of the logistics we set out to do the one thing we had been wanting to do but weather and timing just hadn't cooperated with us.  We headed to the Cliff Walk. 

We walked past the beach that was right across from our hotel to get to the Cliff Walk.  There it is...across the water.

The surfers were out in force.  I would imagine that yes indeed the water was cold but they all had on full body wet suits and seemed perfectly comfortable.  For the record it was about 65-70 degrees.

It was cool to look back on the beach and what not.  I can only imagine how packed it is in the summer.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  We had just started out on the walk and stopped to take a family photo. 

Part way through Charlotte fell asleep it is about a 3 mile walk and it was mid afternoon so after so long boredom hit and she was out.

We ventured off the course at one point to find a bathroom and ran into some beautiful fall foliage.  By now in Iowa everything was dead and gone, it was so nice to see such beautiful colors still.

Most of the mansions line the cliff walk and it was cool to see them all from a different view.  This building belongs to a local university.  It is nestled in among the mansions and it owns quite a few historical buildings. 

This was a vacant, dilapidated, yet still huge home setting right there.  Between giant mansions there it was just waiting to be turned beautiful again.  Jim and I want it so bad, lawn full of weeds and all.

We walked, hung out, and enjoyed every split second of it.

We finally reached the point on the walk where it was no longer safe to traverse with a stroller so we turned around to head back.  It ended up working out great because as we made our way back the sun was setting and the mist was rolling in off the water.

Soon the day was done.  It was perfect.  We went out for pizza where I proceeded to cry because I truly didn't want to go.  I was slapped back to reality when we arrived back at the crap hole hotel and soon we were ready to head to New York

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