Thursday, November 18, 2010

Relaxation Monday

We had planned one "relaxation day" during our vacation.  By default it ended up being Monday because the East coast was getting quite the storm and it foiled our original plans.  We enjoyed ourselves by first sleeping in and lounging about.  Then we each took a giant bubble bath (Jim may kill me for posting this!).

After awhile we decided to head out to lunch.  Across the way from our hotel was the Atlantic Beach Club resaurant and they were participating in restaurant week so we went there.  The meal was very good and we both ordered seafood and enjoyed it.  The club is right on the beach so afterwards we wandered down and checked it out.  Even in the stormy weather we enjoyed it.

The beach was full of quahog shells and other remnants from the sea...

Check out the stormy day....

We decided to go downtown to shop for a bit (because I told Charlotte if she ate a good lunch I would get her a present and she started eating like a champ...that's what I get for joking!).  We made it to about 2 stores before the rain was just blowing in off Narragansett Bay way too hard for us to stay down there.  We did manage to get Charlotte a baby that she loves already.  When we left we went for a drive and wound up easily on Ocean Drive again. 

We adored these houses each on their respective little cliffs.

And Charlotte enjoyed napping with her brand new baby...

Later that night we made dinner in and played.  We didn't even go swimming.  Charlotte played with her hair ties and new baby while Jim and I relaxed and hung out.

Eventually it was jammie time and we all went to bed.  Relaxation day = success!

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