Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello Rhode Island

Yay!!!  Vacation!!!  We have been anticipating this for months and I can't believe it is over.  So sad to me!  I am going to blog about each day because we did so much it seem the best way to do it.

Thursday, Nov. 4th we headed to Omaha for the night.  We were flying out of there so we could drop off the dogs and since we left early Friday morning we decided heading there for the night would be best.

Friday morning we left bright and early.  Charlotte was an absolute peach on the flight!  We had a layover in Atlanta that was just enough time to grab lunch and then we were off to Providence.  Char though take off was absolutely awesome.  Her face was plastered to the window and then as soon as we hit the air she would go to sleep.  Seriously perfect.

When we arrived in Providence we picked up our rental car and headed out to Newport.  The first rental car they tried to give us was a Yaris but luckily for us the latch system was broken so we couldn't get the car seat in!  We ended up with a Mazda 3 which worked out ok.  We finally arrived at the hotel. 

Not looking bad for traveling all morning.

We got such a great deal on our hotel room.  We were able to get a weekly rate and because it was not peak season the price was even better.  I may now always need a kitchen in my hotel room!  It was stocked with everything we could need or want and so convenient.  Definitely a money saver too...far less meals out.

We also had a big living room area which is where we also ended up setting up Charlotte's crib. 

Like the other rooms the bathroom was gorgeous and oh so nice.  

Finally our bedroom for the week.  Such super comfy bed and comforter.  Who would have thought hotel stuff could be so stinking comfortable.

We went exploring for a grocery store to get some necessities for the week and ended up eating dinner at Fieldstones.  It was pretty good.  I kicked off my East coast adventures with some jumbo shrimp.

After eating we finally found a grocery store and picked up everything we needed...maybe more.  We went back to the hotel and got ready to go swimming.  Charlotte was a little fish!  Afterwards we went back to the room, got jammies on and made some popcorn to lounge with.  We had red boxed Toy Story 3 while at the store and popped it in to relax for the night.

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